Charles Hanson | Derbyshire – A County of Rural Pursuits
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Derbyshire – A County of Rural Pursuits

Derbyshire – A County of Rural Pursuits

Derbyshire – A County of Pursuits

The beautiful Derbyshire countryside begins only a short drive from the city centre and its variety of landscapes provides for a diversity of Country Pursuits. Whether the resident in or visitor to the country wishes to participate actively, test their skills or just be “out there” enjoying the scenery, opportunities abound.

The next Hansons Sporting Guns, Country Pursuits and Fishing auction on 25th April will reflect the range, depth and history of life in the countryside and sports pursued there.

The themed auction will include equestrian items, firearms, taxidermy, fishing tackle, books, clothing, paintings and prints. Countryside sports need craftsmen to make and service the equipment needed for them together with attention to the land itself. The tools of these craftsmen, the blacksmiths, gunsmiths, leather workers and agricultural workers have value both in their own right as tools for the future of the crafts but also as items for the collector.

There can be no mention of Country Pursuits in Derbyshire without referring to angling. The County is defined by the River Dove to the west, the River Trent to the south and the River Derwent to the east, all famous within fishing circles. The sale date in April marks a change in angling seasons, for some a start after a Winter break, for others a change to the pursuit of a different species, for many a time to take stock and revise their tackle collection.

Past auctions have included high quality items of fishing tackle, both modern and from earlier times, some for use now, some for a place in a collection. It is not only rods and reels that have a market but smaller items of tackle such as lures, flies, floats and accessories. These can be what were everyday items from past times or made by a famous manufacturer or even, occasionally, something more significant historically. Books, particularly first editions by famous anglers or by local authors can be of interest. With Derbyshire being such an important place for angling it is always pleasing to offer local items for sale from the legendary tackle makers and fly tyers who have worked in this area.

Entries for Hansons Sorting Guns, Country Pursuits and Fishing auction on 25th April are now being invited up until 8th April.

Expert Derrick Hale carries out specialist monthly valuation days at the Etwall Auction Centre with the next being 7th February from 10am to 12noon.

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